IBM Internet Security Systems Are Tough to Crack

No matter how often the IBM Power Systems are redesigned and infused with even more functionality, security remains a pressing issue. For SMBs especially, a security breach can be devastating. They don’t have the resources or scale to absorb a security breakdown in the same fashion as an enterprise could. That’s why IBM has taken special care to build in a new security suite that enhances security intelligence by spotting unusual activity before the system is compromised, and provides real-time monitoring with behavior analytics.
One of the added twists that organizations have had to account for over the last few years is protecting virtualized systems. In fact, for a lot of companies, the act of virtualization isn’t even considered unless they feel comfortable that all risks are mitigated. After all, by virtualizing all enterprise-wide systems, including servers, storage, and backup, organizations are exposing their data to new vulnerabilities.
With IBM Internet Security Systems, businesses can stay ahead of the threat. For virtualization, this means extending and enhancing existing security measures that already exist within a company’s infrastructure, and then using new security advancements to plug any holes that may open up through virtualization.
Among the many added security features that this solution package includes:

  • Central Management Platform
  • Network Intrusion Protection System
  • Virtual IPS & Web Application Security
  • Host-based Intrusion Protection System
  • Enterprise Vulnerability Management Multi-Function Security (UTM)
  • Enterprise Data Leakage Protection
  • Endpoint Data Leakage Protection
  • Network Data Leakage Protection

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