IBM Power Systems Bring Balance to IT

When Power7 was first introduced to a new generation of IT personnel, the prevailing goal was to drive tighter server performance without compromise. IBM described its new line of Power Systems as possessing “greater security,” “greater capacity on demand,” and “significantly improved performance.” Maybe the Power7 motto should be “do more with more.” There really is no other way to describe the intersection between needing amplified server performance to tackle today’s incredibly complex data needs.
Among the many modifications and improvements that Power7 features are compatibility with cloud environments, high-end disk storage and enhanced agility to scale social and mobile data bursts.
In fact, data remains at the heart of every organization’s need for more dynamic server performance.
According to Toyota Australia CIO James Scott, “One of our company’s top concerns is data management delays. This has the potential to negatively impact our production line, costing us tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, and the profits of our 250 dealerships across the country. Having a fast, reliable technology infrastructure is critical to the success of our business and IBM gives us the tools we need to support the organization most effectively.”
What makes Power7 so effective for managing this unprecedented data explosion?

  • The new Power7+ microprocessor – offering a boost of 30-40% on application workloads compared to previous versions
  • An expanded 2.5 L3 cache memory
  • Memory compression that results in decreased energy consumption over previous Power7 chips

The enhanced ability of Power Systems to handle more intensive workloads is especially critical for businesses that run business analytics or CRM and ERP applications.
Another wrinkle that IBM added to its Power line is full-fledged compatibility with virtualized private cloud or managed service cloud infrastructures. For instance, these systems enable the sharing of multiple resources across multiple servers—virtual or physical—giving businesses increased access points no matter where they roam.
Power Systems bring newfound versatility and flexibility to a technology market steeped in constant change.
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