IBM Storage Solutions Open up New Possibilities

Rapid data accumulation rates are changing the storage needs of small and medium-sized businesses. For these businesses, more data means more pressure on their existing systems to perform at a level they weren’t built for. This is especially the case for higher-density applications that require more compute capacity. The scary thing is that small businesses aren’t prepared for their inevitable data plight.
According to a survey conducted last year by online backup provider Carbonite, 48 percent of the respondents said they had lost or deleted data accidentally, while only 13 percent felt vulnerable to a data disaster. For these businesses, the perceived cost of adding storage deters their move to revamp their systems. However, there is cost-effective way to streamline storage efficiency and improve overall system performance so critical data isn’t compromised.
IBM’s smarter storage solutions for midsize businesses offer innovative disk and enhanced tape offerings. These systems are configured for:

  • Easy deployment and management through an intuitive GUI
  • Continuous data access with nondisruptive migration
  • Advanced functionality and reliability usually found in more expensive, enterprise-level systems

There is no escaping the need to expand storage capacity to house your mission-critical data. IBM Storage solutions help you face storage and data management head on without stretching your budget too thin.
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