Power and “i”: Delivering on the Promise of Modern Infrastructure

For many owners of small and midsized business, all the talk about big data analytics, mobile devices, cloud computing, and social business spark pangs of large enterprise envy.

As IDG puts it, the opportunities for SMBs abound: Business trends are driving the adoption of next-generation at a feverish pace. Insights from data analytics are making a competitive difference.  Demand from customers, partners staff are mobile and the growth in social media has obliged businesses to follow their customers into new channels. Cloud computing promises to reduce IT costs, accelerate solution delivery and increase flexibility of deployment.

It’s enough to make any SMB owner’s eyes glow with longing.

For IT departments with IBM Power Systems running IBM i the path to a modern infrastructure isn’t quite so daunting. But that’s not to say it’s simple. For those SMBs with a few “IT guys”, the task will probably require some outside help from System i experts. Still, the “Power on i” platform has the capabilities needed to provide all of the cost-saving, flexibility, and scalability benefits to SMBs as they do to large enterprises.

 “iStands for “Integrated”

Unlike component operating environments like UNIX® and Windows®, IBM i is designed to integrate database and middleware. Add applications (IBM i is recognized as the top OS for resilient app deployment) and you’ve got most of what you need on a single Power server. System i’s ability to virtualize allows multiple business processes and applications to be running together, which optimizes usage. Other benefits of Power servers running System i include:

  • Trusted security with auditing and compliance tools
  • Designed for open application design choices with infrastructure support for mobile devices
  • Thousands of industry application solutions available from ISVs
  • Simplified operations and storage management


As Forbes recently said about IBM’s Power Systems strategy, “Big data and cloud systems that were once only affordable to large enterprises are now available to the masses.”

The System i experts at miniMAX can provide the level of specific expertise you’ll need to get running and keep running. The miniMAX team will extend your IT capabilities with programming, custom installation, onsite support, and remote system management. You can rely on miniMAX to provide the right combination of technologies – backup, recovery, virtualization, analytics, cloud, and mobilewhile ensuring you’re getting the most out of what you already have.

To learn how mini-MAX can get the most out of your System i and Power technologies for maximum value or to get started with these technologies, contact our specialists today.