The Latest and Greatest Storage Trends

The state of storage should read like one of those cheesy bumper stickers that say, “More space needed in the trunk.” Everyone is scrambling to find additional capacity within their IT walls to keep up with unsustainable data turbulence. According to a recent article by CloudTweaks, 90% of the data in the world has been created in the last two years alone!

From a backup standpoint, storage can be an even bigger issue if companies are still relying on traditional systems such as tape, or even SAN or NAS. These backup processes call for all data to be copied instead of the changes that take place. From a management perspective, tape backup remains a pain—there is too much manual, back-and-forth labor involved with moving tapes offsite. Moreover, there are also plenty of risks for storing data to physical devices, including corruption and the threat of destruction.

Cloud backup solutions have emerged as the ideal way to curb the great storage challenge. In particular, small and medium-sized businesses are turning to cloud services to gain scalability, agility, and ease management.

According to cloud storage and backup provider Symform, nearly 40% of respondents use a cloud-based solution for either primary or secondary backup. Of the group of companies that are dealing with data growth, the majority expects 10-to-40% growth, and some are expecting more than 100% over the next 12 months.

With cloud backup, tape drive dependency and overall scheduling concerns take a backseat. In the cloud, everything is automated, as agents can go onto servers and simply store the changes that are made.

In the case of mini-MAX’s cloud solution, critical data changes or additional information can automatically be replicated to the cloud. mini-MAX has teamed with IBM to provide SaaS cloud backup and  storage services that are cost-efficient for the midmarket space. This service is based on a monthly usage model for companies that run their servers in-house. By turning to the cloud, you can gain greater resiliency and data restoration capability overall.

To learn more about the mini-MAX and IBM cloud solution for storage and backup, contact our specialists today!