The mini-Max differentiator

Not all IT vendors and service providers are made of the same stuff. At mini-Max, we have sprouted roots in Louisville, KY and take pride in our local business. Our location on Shelbyville Rd is the headquarters of our company, and we specialize in implementing affordable, custom IT solutions for our local clients.

With our Louisville based talented and diverse staff always on location, we can assist with a plethora of projects, and all without the travel and living expenses that other companies can tack-on to bills. From decision-making to execution, we also have a head start on all those branch and regional offices that have to seek approval from the “home” HQ before setting out to work. With efficiency and speed in our arsenal, customer service is at the top of our priority list.

As a one-stop-shop for IT service and support, our mini-Max experts don’t just handle the hardware side of projects like a handful of other vendors. Our on-site programming staff has the knowledge and experience to take on more challenging, customized projects. In other words, we not only provide the hardware, but the tailored programming to adapt and fit that hardware to match specific client needs.

We also understand that a business’ needs change over time. Unlike other competitors that are more interested in expensive rip-and-replace methods of dealing with these changes, mini-Max has the ability to modify our clients’ hardware and programming, thus extending the life of equipment and original investments that much more. Our customers do not call us to simply order new hardware; they call on us to ask if we have any ideas on how to solve a business issue.

Tailored business solutions are our forte, and with over 35 years of experience in the IT industry, we at mini-Max have garnered the knowledge and expertise to deliver fine-tuned solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Call on our experts today and discover how a company that’s dedicated to going the extra mile to deliver the right solution can make all the difference to your company’s budget and performance.