The Secret to Great Programming for IBM i: Hire the Right People

How do you measure your vendor or service provider’s IBM system i programming experience in the IT industry? The level of expertise and experience a programming staff can bring in this area is a huge determining factor. We are proud to have a staff comprised of many retired or current IBM i specialists. Our programming consultants’ versatility comes into play for key programming changes due a business problem, tax update, or new government regulation. We can develop, write, and test any program before it goes live.

Dedication is another measuring stick that helps mini-Max stand out in the system i programming landscape. For any network or hardware issue, we bring our hardware experts to develop and implement a solution wherever our customers may be. Our consultants have driven to different client sites for a variety of project needs. Regardless of the problem, we’ve probably seen it and dealt with it before.

To that end, the mini-MAX staff averages over 20 years of experience specifically in data processing and IBM midrange systems alone. With over 20 IBM POWER, storage, and security certifications, as well as certifications from Microsoft, Ruckus Wireless, and Seagate Technologies, our experts have the qualifications and knowledge to assist with a plethora of systems and projects.

Several of our employees came to mini-Max after successful careers at IBM, and we understand and commend the value they add to our team. Unlike some resellers that are only focused on how much they can make off the next deal, our focus at mini-Max is to provide solutions and customer satisfaction that embody traditional IBM values; our focus is on developing a long term customer relationship.

For example, Alan Dorsey—one of our most respected technicians—not only joined us after being with IBM for 34 years, but when he left, he was the only IBM i customer engineer in Louisville. To that end, Alan knows every IBM system i customer in the area. They seek his help even when working with different IBM partners for hardware purchases. That’s how much respect he garners. Bringing that level of customer satisfaction is what mini-Max is all about.

To learn more about our staff and how they can help you, contact our team of consultants!