We are known by the companies we keep

When it comes to establishing industry credibility, companies are measured by each other. Especially in the B2B spectrum, working with distinguished organizations within their respective industries shows that you are respected and valued. In addition, having long-term partnerships show that you can be trusted. In today’s business landscape, trust is hard to come by, but once it’s established, it is the glue that keeps these partnerships together for 10, 15, and 20 years.

mini-MAX is proud of the long-standing partnerships we have forged over the years. As an IBM Business Partner since 1983, we have been able to use our IBM expertise and capabilities to serve the technology needs of our customers over that same span of time.

One of our long-term customers is a Louisville based health care organization. We’ve been working with them since 1992. Over the years, mini-MAX has grown their IBM I infrastructure through multiple server upgrades. Before mini-MAX entered the picture, there was no in-house IBM i expertise. Now mini-MAX is their “go to” partner when it comes to technical issues on the System i.

Overall, our IBM i services can be applied in different ways depending on the need. For example, a local health care organization has been using mini-MAX for their primary system i support since 1992. On the other hand, a Louisville based regional bank already had a system i banking solution in place from a national software provider. However, they turn to mini-MAX for more convenient and efficient local support.

Then there are our 20 years and greater relationships that include Citizens Security Life Insurance and Midwestern Insurance Company, among others. These customers have developed a long-term working relationship with mini-MAX because they know we care about their business as much as they do. When you’ve worked with someone for that long, and you are satisfied, why make a change?

mini-MAX can work with your business regardless of industry, size, or scale. We have over 100 clients in the Louisville, Kentucky, and Indiana regions. From serving companies of tens to thousands, mini-MAX can tackle all of your IBM i needs.

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