What to Fear from New Global Cyber Threats

If the threat of a cyber attack doesn’t keep you awake at night, then you are one of the few. With new innovative viruses that are designed to maneuver around antivirus software, the battle between good and evil coders perpetually continues. So, who’s afraid of the big bad global cyber threat? The answer should be you.
According to Craig Sprosts, the VP of Product Management at Nominum, a company leader of network security programming, Nominum analyzed the top cyber threats for 2012 and the result was “a mix of new and modern ‘bots.’”
A “bot” is specially designed software that is designed to run an automated task over the internet. These tasks can range from reporting the weather to wiping your entire hard drive or even storing and sending your personal information to an unknown source.
Craig Sprosts noted in his blog, “Top Cyber Threats for Fixed Broadband Network,” that many of these new “bots” were specifically “involved with spamming activities” and had started to move “command and control centers to the cloud.”
Similar to Sisyphus perpetually rolling that boulder up a hill, bolstering protection to combat new global cyber threats needs to consistently be on your company’s mind and in your business’s budget.
mini-MAX specializes in IBM’s Advanced Threat Protection, which utilizes uninterrupted monitoring and multiple layers of defenses that work with one another to surpass the original methods of patch-monitor-remediate. This advanced platform combines network security, advanced security analytics, and even has a constant updated feed that monitors worldwide threat intelligence.
IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System is another top notch security program that mini-MAX offers. This deals primarily in protecting applications and cyber-attacks that target network infrastructures.
IBM Security AppScan is an additional option to choose from that is offers similar application security, but also has three different advanced levels to choose from: Enterprise, Source, and Standard, so you can choose the protection that fits the bill for your company.
Overall, new cyber threats are forming and morphing to penetrate even the most guarded systems every day. The only way to combat these continuously growing threats is to take a proactive approach to your business’s security, and mini-MAX is a competitive vendor that deserves consideration. To learn more about how mini-MAX can help your company bolster security, click here.