Why Cookie-cutter Architectures Can’t Cut It.

We are all trained from a young age to be wary of the word “custom.” Other words, like “expensive” and “excessive” come to mind. There was a time when factory-cut-outs were seen as the right, inexpensive choice, but in terms of today’s changing IT architectures, cookie-cutter systems aren’t going to cut it anymore.
Technology powerhouses like IBM have started to recognize that there are wide arrays of companies with specific needs. We are entering a new age of IT, where “custom” is becoming easier and more affordable than ever.
There is nothing like having a unique architecture built to match your company’s every requirement, and with IBM i System, that’s what you’re getting for a price that’s on par with those standard systems. The right software working on the right platform allows your IT infrastructure to maneuver with agility and speed.
Rather than having database and middleware integration take place in the data center, i System comes preloaded from IBM with core middleware components, so install projects are cut to the bare minimum. Deploying and managing applications on i System has never been easier, and with over 5,000 supportable solutions and applications to choose from, you can customize this architecture to fit your company’s exact needs.
There is also the benefit of a great return on investment. Virtualization and workload management applications are built into i System. In other words, you can slash monthly operational costs by implementing a system that is not only designed for your business’s needs, but also designed to higher your company’s green ranking by cutting energy costs.
IBM i System is pre-loaded with everything an IT architecture could want: a rational and stable database, security, web services, networking and storage management capabilities, and a middleware foundation.
To implement such an intricate system, it is becomes paramount that the right help be chosen for the task. mini-MAX is a managed service provider with an industry-leading reputation for developing custom programs, ERP software, and MRP software. This includes mini-MAX Plus, a customizable MRP software package designed specifically for SMB.
It’s important to not let the impressions from yester-year influence the performance of today. For over 30 years, mini-MAX has helped customize countless programs and architectures. Click here to find out how mini-MAX can assist you in realizing the potential of your business’s architecture.